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Deep business experience, filled with progressively more responsible management roles, is the foundation that Native Capital rests on when it comes to understanding how business operates.  Bottom line – the team at Native Capital does not have traditional finance as the backdrop for operations.  We look at generating solutions with a creative eye and understand that human capital is an inherent part of success.  

Teaming with our customer base - be they Portfolio Companies, Limited Partners, or Financial Advisory clients - is an important part of how we like to develop long-term relationships.  Crafting win-win solutions has been a part of our history since the early days of the Company.  Those who we have the privilege to spend time with understand the intersection of doing good and doing well and we usually find that a shared sense of purpose adds to the depth of collaboration.  

The team at Native Capital understands when opportunity knocks and often finds ourselves at the front end of emerging business ideas.  We know that details matter and that capital is a part of what makes business successful.  Success can be defined in many ways so back in 2007 the firm rolled out our 7 Generation Asset Planning process and then added to this with the creation of our SustainAble Business Formula in 2009.  

How do we amplify investment?  We start with the intent to do good, so we can do well.  INTENT is so important we put it in at the front end of how we defined SustainAble.  This formula is still used today and provides a framework for interaction after an investment gets completed and we begin to expand influence along with our Partners and as the business grows.  

Please visit the SustainAble web page.