Our Mission

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Our Mission

Native Capital  provides world-class financial service(s) to customers we have the privilege to serve. We advocate on their behalf and together, we strengthen legacy impact while building self-determination. 

Our Vision

The Native Capital team envisions a future where community members are actively participating in the creation of self-sustaining communities. These communities are secure, made vibrant with innovation, populated with educated and informed individuals making decisions based on knowledge as it pertains to implications related to local, national, and international business development. By being mindful of the many layers in awakened activity, communities are strengthened, allowing community members to fully actualize the many gifts each human being has, as we move throughout our own very personal and individualize human experience.

Our beliefs & Values

  • Understanding that great ideas can come from anywhere and from anyone. Native Capital will support business ideas and growth that emerge from any of the Four Great Races.
  • Native Capital serves customers who seek to advance their economic standing, committed to embracing people, culture and communities, working to build local economic vitality and a preferred reality.
  • Native Capital works to build community educational foundations by supporting local growth with skilled labor job offerings.
  • Native Capital utilizes all sources of leverage available in a given region allowing for augmented business development. NC explores and discovers new networks and partnerships with private, government, and Tribal organizations in an effort to enhance impact on communities and individuals alike.
  • Native Capital strengthens the awareness of economic multipliers so that people within the local community understand and benefit from increased private business activity.