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Ron Spoerl | hawk corporation

"Wendy White Eagle is a force of nature.  We have worked together for the past several years and her work on Company Valuation has helped HAWK evaluate acquisition targets and manage growth as the company has grown exponentially."

"With Wendy's help and guidance, HAWK has seen 10X in the past four years.  Wendy is professional, very knowledgable, intelligent, an absolute friend and asset to the HAWK team.  I would recommend her to any corporation."

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sarah shoblaske | sharedlands llc

"Being a conscious entrepreneur working to realize a big dream is hard.  This is my eighth business, my only people-planet-profit enterprise, and the only work I've done that ever truly mattered."

"When the work matters this much, everything becomes harder. When you are that person who is in the middle of the vortex, it becomes the hardest thing you’ll ever do. You’re going to talk with so many people who think they know who you are, what you’re doing and will insist that you reduce your complex, world-changing proposition down to a two-minute elevator pitch…

Wendy White Eagle is unique. She is the only financial and strategic advisor I’ve met who truly grasped the breadth, depth and height of what we are trying to do, and as our model continues to evolve and improve. Wendy quickly sees the biggest views as well as the smallest details, and this is what truly sets her apart. Throughout our five-year association, Wendy’s approach has been respectful, candid, subtle, incrementally brilliant (and, yes, humorous) as she has patiently helped me to move SharedLands forward in pre- and early operating. Conversations along the lines of “get down to the details, you know it, tell me about it: where is the real value being created, where’s it being delivered; a goes to b and repeat. . . . Do this hard work now, and that’s exactly how we will begin to change the world. 
Sage advice. Thank you Wendy, I’m always happy to speak on your behalf."

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dennis manarchy | manarchy films inc.

"Coming soon."

"Coming soon."

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