Native Capital Launches Updated Brand Identity


It is with great excitement that we announce the launch of the new Native Capital brand identity.  The new 'look and feel' of the company logo marks the 15th anniversary of Native Capital.  Owner Wendy White Eagle was inspired by the landmark anniversary event, opting to create an updated version of the Native Capital brand that depicts the company's primary mantra ... 'Acting On A Vision Is Revolutionary' ... while at the same time, providing a glimpse of the future of Native Capital. 

For 15-years, our proprietary and interdisciplinary, and innovative financial services to advisors and portfolio companies alike, has been nothing short of remarkable.  On a relentless mission to maximize business results, earn trust, and provide unique solutions, Native Capital, a Native American, female-lead company, makes positive human and economic impact possible.  With industry expertise, an intimate understanding of how businesses truly operate, and an eye on the care and nurturing of human capital, we strive to deliver intelligence and advice that meets the needs of today’s business leaders.  We invest in real people, who make and sell real things to real people, for real money and real profits.  Our distinct infusion of traditional business practices and a philosophy steeped in humanity and authenticity makes for a compelling and progressive relationship between Native Capital and its clients.  Quite simply, we provide independent, trust-worthy, unbiased advice for startups, entrepreneurs, financial advisors and, investment partners.  We work to empower people to become their most authentic selves while supporting balanced business growth to serve the greater good.     

Wendy White Eagle