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When we're not 'amplifying' our client-base with ideas and financial prowess, we're discovering new and innovative companies that make this world a better place.  What follows is a brief sampling of these one-of-kind organizations, currently engaged in unique and sustainable endeavors, providing all of us with the opportunity, longevity, and exploration.  We applaud their efforts and commitment to humankind.  As our website continues to grow, our shared experiences, as shown here, will also continue to grow.  If you have the means, please support these amazing individuals and ideas, worthy of sharing with the world.   

Within / Without | Brittney Chibe.  I was first introduced to Brittany Chibe, Founder of Within / Without, back in July of 2017. Brittany was expanding her business and thought that she could use some outside capital, so I was happy to get this referral and spend time learning more about Brittany and her work.  The brand at the time was called Paleo Scavenger and Brittany had just received her first order from Jewel Osco. I knew immediately that what Brittany really should have was a line of credit and not outside capital. She and I discussed my thoughts and she was able to obtain the capital required for her expansion through her regular Bank. Great thing – knowing the value she was creating I knew that bringing in outside capital was not needed but that she would then be able to retain the all-important ownership of her business creation Within / Without. 

All the success is your Brittany — keep up the good work!

Submitted by Wendy K. White Eagle 

Please visit the Within / Without website.                                                     

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Men In Sewers | Pamela Belyn. It was late 2017, when I first met Pamela Belyn at an Exclusive Professional Women’s Networking Group ( meeting. Pamela, a practicing Corporate Attorney, had purchased Men in Sewers nearly two years prior from an owner who was looking to relinquish the helm. I was amazed to hear how she has accepted the challenge of tackling this most dirty job, how she would easily change out of her beloved wedge heels and smart pantsuit, in favor of steel toed boots and safety orange work shirts whenever needed.

Since taking over, she has directed the company in taking on new technology allowing them to provide clients with real time video documentation of their work. This transparency as well as a reputation of showing up on time every time has allowed her to secure numerous new and expanded commercial accounts. 

The team at Native Capital is happy to leverage our resources to assist as she looks to acquire and expand into services such as plumbing, HVAC, etc. I am honored to bring Pamela into the Native Capital family and know that together she can become a leading provider of support to Commercial Property Managers in the Chicago area.  Men In Sewers is now a M/WBE Certified, City of Chicago WBE/MBE, and WBENC Certified

Who says steel toe work boots can’t be PINK — way to go Pamela!

Submitted by Lisa Ruby 

Please visit the Men In Sewers website.                                                                      

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Social Innovation & Sustainable Leadership | Edgewood College.  I was first introduced to the Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership program at Edgewood College many years ago as it was first getting started. I had the privilege to learn more firsthand as I joined one of the Summer Immersion Cohorts back in 2016. I was honored to learn more about the experiential learning process and be exposed to different aspects of social innovation going on throughout the world. 

Please see the attached brochure to learn more about this Student Directed, Community focused, learning option that looks to help leaders in the Sustainability arena create well-being with their unique stamp. 

The Social Innovation & Sustainability Leadership Graduate Program grew out of Edgewood College’s strong commitment to environmental stewardship, social justice, and sustainability. Edgewood College is grounded in the values of Community, Partnership, Justice, Compassion, and Truth. 

I am truly happy and grateful that I obtained my education from Edgewood – this liberal arts education has served me well my whole life. So many to thank there as I was coming through! I am glad that they saw my potential and helped me along – I remain, still learning after all these years. 

To all current and past players at Edgewood - all the success is yours – keep up the good work! 

Submitted by Wendy K. White Eagle 

Please visit the Edgewood College website.                                              

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Zingerman's Mail Order | Ari Weinzweig. I became aware of Zingerman’s through their Bacon Club and was a fan even before I met Ari and some of the members of his Team in Ann Arbor this past August.  One of the things that they do is send out a Newspaper with their monthly subscriptions.  It was one of these that prompted a call from me to their offices.  They had an article about Diverse Vinters that I read and just had to reach out.  I had provided feedback that I thought some of their language in that article should be updated.

  After sending off my email, I received a call from Ari Weinzweig almost immediately!  I was stunned! 

Ari introduced himself and took full responsibility for the article and noted that he also thought an update to their references was in order.  He thanked me for the call and I was glad to talk with him about my concern.  I had asked him to think about using a different word from the term ‘minority.”  Why?  Because it is outdated and is one of those words that is not only inaccurate but also pejorative.  He heard me out and also commented that he agreed with my feedback.  I knew right then and there that I had met a person that I admired and could learn from. 

 Thank you Ari for your call, for taking time to meet with my husband and I in August, and for all you do to support business owners across the world.  Keep up the great work my friend!

Submitted by Wendy K. White Eagle 

Please visit the Zingerman's Mail Order website.     


J & B Medical Supplies | Dr. Stephen Shaya. I was referred to Stephen Shaya, MD from a good friend in Chicago earlier this past Spring.  Stephen is the Managing Director of one of his families companies serving today in this capacity at J & B Medical Supply at their Michigan facility.  It was an awesome referral as I found Stephen to be a person who not only continues to expand his family business in Michigan but does so with a focus on improving the health of people around the world.  I had the chance to spend time with Stephen at their offices and see their operation firsthand.  Wow! 

J & B Medical was established in 1996 and since has become one of the fastest growing and most successful medical distribution companies in the world. J & B Medical, a family owned business, carries over 50 years of industry experience and has thrived by combining top quality products, exceptional service, and competitive pricing on medical supplies. The J & B Medical goal is simply to work closely with their valued customer, in an effort to reduce your medical supply costs and enhance your knowledge of cost effective purchasing. A partnership with J & B Medical is a partnership that works, pure and simple.

Submitted by Wendy K. White Eagle 

Please visit the J & B Medical Supplies website.

Please read the article and entire conversation with Dr. Stephen Shaya at the Vatican.


Connetic Ventures |Venture Capital Funding.  Connetic Ventures is not your average VC fund. They have created proprietary data and machine learning to find and fund great, early stage companies. This process has led to them investing in M/WBE founders at a rate 8X higher than the national VC average.  Not only does the process create a level playing field for all founders but they are able to screen companies 10X faster and their average time to fund companies is 7X faster than industry averages.  Connetic Ventures (CV) came to my attention several months ago.  Here at NC, we are always looking for opportunities to collaborate with groups who can refer their successful seed investments to the next level. Using data, not intuition, to make all investment decisions is a principle that is paying off for these Midwest based investors.  They are guided by the principles of Deal Flow, Data, and Diversification.  In the noisy seed investment jungle of entrepreneurs fighting for recognition, they have found a solid and reliable model that is part of the A.I. revolution.   Here at Native Capital we are looking forward to teaming with Connetic Ventures both as a referral source and for potential investments.

An audacious hats off to Brad, Kyle, Chris, and the CV team!

Submitted by Lisa C. Ruby 

Please visit the Connetic Ventures website.