Celebrating Our 15th Anniversary (2003 - 2018)


Native Capital Celebrates 15 Years of Positive Human And Economic Impact

And Service To The Financial Industry And Community At-Large

For 15 years, the proprietary, interdisciplinary, and innovative financial services provided by Native Capital to advisors and portfolio companies alike, has been nothing short of remarkable.  On a relentless mission to maximize business results, earn trust, and provide unique solutions, Native Capital makes positive human and economic impact possible.  With industry expertise, an intimate understanding of how businesses truly operate, and an eye on the care and nurturing of human capital, Native Capital strives to deliver intelligence and advice that meets the needs of today’s business leaders.  

Over the years, Native Capital has invested in real people, who make and sell real things to real people, for real money and real profits.  “It has been my honor to work with so many worthy individuals and organizations over the past 15 years, touching the lives of people,  creating jobs, all through smart investments”, said Wendy K. White Eagle, Founder, President and Chairman Of The Board of Native Capital.  “Native Capital provides independent, trust-worthy, unbiased advice for startups, entrepreneurs, financial advisors and, investment partners, working to empower people to become their most authentic selves while supporting balanced business growth to serve the greater good.” 

The Native Capital team envisions a world where community members are actively participating in the creation of self-sustaining communities. These communities are secure, made vibrant with innovation, populated with educated and informed individuals making decisions based on knowledge as it pertains to implications related to local, national, and international business development.  With a distinct infusion of traditional business practices, philanthropy, and a philosophy steeped in humanity and authenticity, Native Capital looks to the future and the next 15 years, continuing to build compelling and progressive relationships, products, and investments with clients and altruistic organizations alike.  

Native Capital, a Native American, female-lead company, makes positive human and economic impact possible.  Native Capital provides world-class sustainAble financial services and instruments to their client-base, acting as an advocate to strengthen legacy impact while building self-determination.